Andrea Ratcliffe, massage practitioner
Treatment room, Churchill clinic

My clinic, based in Churchill near Chipping Norton, offers remedial  massage and lymphatic massage therapies which are supported by a cutting-edge technique which delivers saturated heat at a constant temperature.

What is remedial massage?

This is a manual corrective therapy for muscular skeletal problems such as back ache, neck pain (including whiplash), general muscular tension, shoulder, knee, or ankle injury, repetitive strain injury, tension headaches, arthritis, circulatory problems, post operative treatment (effective in accelerating the healing process and preventing adhesions eg swollen ankle), tennis/golfers elbow (RSI), sports injury, pregnancy, stress, etc.  Remedial Massage helps restore function to muscles and joints through massage, joint mobilisations and muscle tension release techniques.

It is also recognised as an effective complementary treatment to chiropractic work and it is common practice to find a remedial massage practitioner working in tandem with a chiropractic clinic.

Saturated heat therapy

I use La Therma™ saturated heat therapy which delivers heat at a constant temperature. Patients are wrapped in a relaxing heat wrap which allows tensions to disperse and circulation to be boosted. 

La Therma™ saturated heat used with massage and as a poultice throughout the treatment delivers instant relaxation for the patient, softens the muscle tissue, and boosts circulation, thus allowing for a highly effective treatment without pain.

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What is HELTh?

Heat Enhanced Lymphatic Therapy is an accredited, cutting-edge, treatment which combines a unique lymphatic drainage technique with saturated heat. It enhances blood and lymph to the vascular and lymphatic systems accelerates healing mechanisms.

This form of massage therapy specifically focuses on the lymphatic system, identifying blockages and congestion which may be contributing to problems including joint ache, lack of energy, headaches, poor circulation, immune weakness (regularly catching colds etc), and chronic fatigue syndrome.

How can this help me?

Typical problems that can be helped by the above treatments:

•    Neck pain
•    Stress
•    Back pain
•    Pregnancy – ante and post natal
•    Joint problems •    RSI (repetitive strain injury/tennis elbow)
•    Arthritic pain
•    Poor circulation
•    Migraine •    Sluggish lymphatic system
•    Sports injury •    Detoxification
•    Post operative •    Poor immune system

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Current offers

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Remedial massage treatments:

First consultation including postural check and 1hr bespoke treatment:
£50.00 (allow 75 minutes)

Subsequent remedial massage treatments:
£45.00 (45 - 60 minutes)

Heat enhanced lymphatic therapy (HELTh):

£85.00 (1.5 - 2 hour treatment) full body

£55.00 (45 - 50 minutes) half body

(Concessions available on all treatments for students, retired and those who are in between jobs)

Book a course of 6 HELTh treatments and receive 10% off.

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